Creating users

Creating an admin

  1. In the Xively management app, click on your name in the top right-hand corner and select Manage account admins.
  1. On the Account admins page, click Invite.
  2. In the Invite a new admin window, type the email address of the new admin and click Send.

Result: An invitation with a registration link is sent to the email address you provided. The new admin has to provide their name, set a password, and choose a role (Engineering, R&D or Innovation, Business, Other). The role choice does not affect admin's permissions.

When the new admin logs into the Xively management app, they get full permissions to the Account.

To remove an admin from the account, contact Xively.

Creating an end-user in the Xively management app

Make sure your Xively account has at least one group created (GROUPS > All groups > + Add new).

  1. In the Xively management app, from the left-side menu select END-USERS > All end-users.
  2. On the End-users page, click Create new end-user.
  3. In the Create new end-user window, select a template and a group to which the end-user will belong, and type the user’s email and password.
  4. Click Create.
    The generated userId allows to identify this end-user within the Account.

Result: You created the new end-user who has access to the chosen group and its child groups. End-users log in to the Account through your end-user application, they do not have access to the Xively management app.

Creating an end-user with API

You can also create an end-user with API, see Create an end-user.

Your end-user application needs appToken to log in an end-user. For more information on how to register your application and obtain its token, see Generating app credentials.

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Creating users

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