Flashing the Client Application without Firmware Updates

Run the Code Composer Studio™ Uniflash Software

  1. Plug in your CC3200 device and make sure that the J15 Jumper is set to ON by covering the 2 pins with a jumper cover.
  2. From File select New Configuration and select the following:
    • Connection: CC3x Serial(UART) Interface
    • Board or Device: SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100/CC3200
  3. On the left panel under the System Files, highlight the /sys/mcuimg.bin file.
  4. From the right panel click the Browse button right next to the Url field.
  5. Pick the name_of_your_project.bin from your workspace_name/project_name/RELEASE/.
    Note: There is a demo .bin file that you can use in the xively-client-c GitHub folder, under \xively-client-c\examples\cc3200\xively_demo\Release
  6. From the left panel highlight CC31xx/CC32xx Flash Setup and Control.
  7. Click the Program button.
  8. Set the J15 jumper to OFF and restart your device by disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable.

Your device runs the test program.

Updated 2 years ago

Flashing the Client Application without Firmware Updates

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