What's under the hood?

The Xively platform consists of several cloud-based software services for applications. Many are exposed via RESTful APIs, while the messaging broker supports connections using native MQTT and WebSockets MQTT.



Technical functions

Messaging Broker (broker.xively.com)

Provides scalable, secure messaging between devices and connected product systems. The Messaging service is an MQTT 3.1.1 broker. MQTT is a lightweight IoT connectivity protocol for use on top of the TCP/IP protocol. The broker supports publish and subscribe to message topics with two-way communication over a single TCP connection. The broker requires the use of transport layer security (TLS) for security of data in transit.

  • MQTT 3.1.1 broker
  • Easily scales to millions of transactions per second
  • Connect via MQTT or WebSockets

"Blueprint" object directory (blueprint.xively.com)

Models your connected product ecosystem. It models the actors in your ecosystem, such as products, product users, and their organizational structure and relationships, and it provides the foundation for Xively’s built-in connected product management. In addition, the model allows the platform to provide large parts of the connected product technology stack, including integrated security, restful APIs, a searchable database, and the Xively management app.

  • Device registry
  • Relationship map between users & devices
  • End-user registry
  • Groups (permission organizations)
  • Searchable database of all device & user metadata

"IDM" identity management service (id.xively.com)

Provides identity management for the connected product system. It allows you to create identities, authenticate users, manage passwords, and federate authentication with OpenID providers. The Identity service also provides session authentication tokens for authenticating API calls to the platform.

  • Provides user ID by either username/pass or OAuth token
  • Hosts your user database, manages user signup & authentication

Logging service (logging.xively.com)

Allows you to record device events so they can be seen in the Xively management app. The management app can be used to view device activity in real time as well as perform searches on the logs. Device activity includes events logged by device firmware as well as events logged by Xively itself (such as device connects and disconnects).

Time Series storage service (timeseries.xively.com)

Provides services for collecting, managing, and querying data from devices. This service is typically used for data reported by devices at regular intervals, such as sensor data. Connected product systems can use the Xively Time Series service, or they can use their own database for data collected from devices.

  • Time series storage of MQTT messages

The Management App (app.xively.com)

A web application providing connected product management, with visibility into the connected product ecosystem including connected product configuration and activity. The management app provides the console or portal through which you manage your connected product system. The management app is used to define the Blueprint data model, browse your Blueprint database, see device messaging activity, view device logs, and troubleshoot the connected product system. Typically, the management app would be used by developers building connected product systems and by IT personnel who monitor and operate connected product systems.

  • The online portal for managing your Xively account.
  • Accessible to admins only (not your end-users).

This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from

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What's under the hood?

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