What is Xively?

Xively is an enterprise platform for building, managing, and deriving business value from connected products. Xively helps companies at any stage of the IoT journey provide additional value and bring connected products to market, quickly, reliably, and securely.

The following diagram shows a conceptual architecture for a connected product solution.

At the device level, Xively helps manage communication, enforces robust security practices, and provides tools for credentials management and firmware updates. Xively is currently available on a large array of devices, from $1 WiFi chips to robust industrial gateways, and new platforms are being added every day.

Applications like mobile and web interfaces that are Xively enabled can make use of the platform’s messaging and management features to provision and communicate with devices, manage users and access, provide service insights, and integrate with your business intelligence systems. Xively specializes in solving IoT problems for companies in the commercial, industrial, and home spaces.

Who is Xively for?

The Internet of Things is a powerful concept; Our devices can automatically let us know when they need attention, if something is going wrong, or respond to changes that we want to make from anywhere in the world. However, many companies that benefit most from connecting their products have little experience in creating the technology to make them successful. Xively provides these companies with the tools to be successful without losing focus on their core competency. The Xively platform offers a host of services to take connected products to market quickly and support devices and users of a connected system. Some of these services include:

  • Real-Time Messaging - Xively connects products and applications, while automatically scaling for you as you grow.
  • Business Logic - Model your devices, users, and groups in Xively with a Connected Product Management (CPM) that goes beyond the messaging that other IoT platforms offer.
  • Security - Every message is fully encrypted and devices are protected from outside attack. Xively uses your device-user relationship models to authorize data access.
  • Integration - Xively connects to your back-end server and integrates with other business systems like Salesforce.

For real-world examples of Xively customers and integration partners, see https://www.xively.com/customers and https://www.xively.com/partners.

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What is Xively?

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