What's my subdomain?

If you don't know what to type in the field on the login screen below, you likely have an account on the Enterprise version of Xively, but have forgotten or never knew the custom subdomain for your account.

How can I find my account ID or subdomain?

  • Contact the member of your team who originally registered your Xively account. They would have received an email from Xively on registration that included your custom subdomain.
  • If you cannot find that original email, contact your Xively account rep for help.
  • After you have logged in, copy your account ID and save if for the future. The account ID is accessible from the settings menu on the top right-hand corner in the Xively management app.

Login Screen 1: Subdomain or Account ID

This is the default login screen where you can enter your subdomain or account ID, and be redirected to your custom subdomain login page.

Login Screen 2: Username and Password

This screen appears if you go directly to the custom subdomain login for your account.

For example, if your account's subdomain is widgetco, your login page is https://widgetco.app.xively.com/login.